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What is GamePlank?

GamePlank is live, casual game streaming for casual gamers. We're less about the numbers and corporate structure and more about the foundation that started it all: games, gamers, and community! We take great pride in providing the best playing and viewing experiences, giving our community members a chance to voice what they want to see on GamePlank.

Monetizing your stream is always an option by setting up a personal PayPal account. Doing so adds a support button to your channel and is easy to set up. The best part is GamePlank doesn't split earnings using a subscription model. Whatever you make on your channel, you keep 100% of it.

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Chrome for Desktop Stream Playback Issues

GamePlank   5mo

Since our update to HTTPS-only site-wide, users have been experiencing an issue where live streams aren't showing any content and throwing an error. We're currently looking into the issue, but a temporary fix is provided using the following steps:

1) Go to chrome://plugins
2) Look for "Adobe Flash Player" in your list of plugins.
3) If you have Flash Player installed, check the "Always allowed to run" checkbox, then leave the page.

If you don't have Flash Player installed, you can download it at - Once installed, make sure to follow the steps above.


Introducing Discovery Notifications

GamePlank   12mo
Discovery notifications allow you to receive email and mobile push notifications when anyone on GamePlank goes live! For more information, read our blog post at:

iOS Push Notifications Now Available!

GamePlank   12mo
The latest iOS app version has been released in the App Store - read our blog post for more details and make sure to download the latest version of the app (v2.8.2) -

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Clips of the most recent streams.

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