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Welcome to my stream!

Stream Setup

Hey all! I put together a quick guide about stream setup going over streaming software you can use, settings, and a disclaimer about what to do if you experience lag on your stream. on over to the How to Stream page for more details at

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OBS / Windows 10 Error - Could not initialize DirectX 10 on Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500

Many of you probably aren't streaming off a laptop with Windows 10 but, if you are and you're getting a similar error, I found the fix was to update the 64-bit version of O to the latest version and restart your machine. I had been using the 32-bit version of O for a long time and hadn't run into this issue until the last Windows Update. I'm assuming they updated a driver that caused this to happen.

Anyway, this solution worked for me and the issue didn't occur on Windows 8.

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Doom Demo Tonight @ 8PM MST

Playing the Doom demo tonight at 8PM MST on Xbox One, going to talk about some happenings and new features on GamePlank as well as what's coming next. Don't miss it!

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Tired of being sick!

Hopefully all this crap passes soon. I'm sad I've been missing out on so much streaming and everyone else's streams


Final Fantasy IX on PC, Android, and iOS

Final Fantasy IX is coming to PC, Android, and iOS in 2016, according to an article by Operation Rainfall: The PC version will be available for purchase and download on Steam. You can watch the game trailer as well as the teaser trailer for the upcoming release on YouTube at

This is exciting! I did one playthrough of the game a while back and really loved it, would even call it one of my favorite Final Fantasy games of all time. One thing that I do hope for, in the PC version at least, is increased battle speed and summon animation times. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing it!


Beep Boop Bot from Steam Greenlight

Demo'd "Beep Boop Bot" by Psycho Robot Studios from Steam Greenlight last night. Even in the early stages of development, it's a pretty epic game. If you missed the stream, you can watch a preview of it from the archives or check out a full description of the game with videos and screenshots at - make sure to like on Steam and follow these guys on their social media channels.

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Fun Fact

Atari debuts their first product, Pong, on this day in 1972!


The New Steam Controller

Thought this looked pretty snazzy. The new Steam controller packs controls from various devices like a trackball, mouse cursor, scroll wheel, analog stick, etc., so you can play pretty much any game with it, even if the game didn't originally have controller support. It retails for $49.99 on their website and at GameStop locations. More info at

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Star Wars Battlefront is awesome!

This game just came out yesterday. Being a huge Star Wars fan, I had to get it. I haven't played the campaign yet, but the multiplayer games are incredible! It has a ton of fun game types and takes me back to the old Halo days and even as far back as Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. Pretty cool. Have you seen or played it yet? Thoughts?


How do you feel about no split screen in Halo 5?

Don't know how many Halo fans are out there in the community, but how do you feel about having no split screen in Halo 5? I see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. It's nice to have your buddies over and play a few campaign co-op and multiplayer games, crack open a few beers, and have some fun. But how often does this actually happen now-a-days? With technology allowing us to play with the same people full-screen from everyone's own home, it makes sense to add 60 FPS to keep up with the times, right? Or is that one of the things that's made Halo so great over the years is the ability to play the game with friends in person on one console? And, since we've been okay with the previous 30 FPS for so long, why make the switch? Do you think maybe the gaming industry is trying to capitalize off of selling more games and consoles?

There has been speculation that 2-player split screen will be available in some game modes, however, that information has changed over the months, so it seems we won't really know until the game is released next month. Maybe they'll surprise everyone with split screen to help redeem themselves from the Master Chief Collection release issues last year. Who knows... Personally, whatever ends up happening, it's not going to make me like or hate the game even more or less. But I can't speak for everyone and I know there are a lot of people upset over this decision.

What do you think about it all? 60 FPS over split screen gaming or play with your buds on the same console?


You can post on the GamePlank Board too!

The Board isn't available just for GamePlank admins. You can post on the GamePlank Board, too! Just go to to view all the latest postings and create your own by clicking the "Create A Post" button. Think of it as an additional way to stay in touch with the community outside of stream.

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What's going on?

Hey there and welcome to my GamePlank channel! I'm going to be doing a lot of NES, SNES, and PC gaming along with some 360 and Xbox One stuff thrown in. Keep tuning in for new games and updates. I'm usually always doing something different. Hope you enjoy!

Games Beat on GamePlank

  • Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 (all levels, no warps)
  • Super Mario World (all 96 gates)
  • The Legend of Zelda (twice!)
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Mahjong Solitaire... that's right!
  • Ninja Gaiden Black (Normal Mode only)
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Dragon Warrior
  • Limbo
  • Current Setup

  • Sony Vaio Laptop w/ built-in webcam
  • 21" LG and Acer monitors
  • Elgato Game Capture HD Card
  • OBS Broadcaster
  • XBox 360 USB Controller
  • Turtle Beach x12 Headset
  • Blue Snowball Ice Microphone

  • Upcoming Streams

  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Papers, Please
  • Hotline Miami 1 & 2
  • Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES)
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Final Fantasy VII and XII
  • Command & Conquer (GDI & NOD)
  • (will add more)

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