How do you feel about no split screen in Halo 5?

what3vo   2y
Don't know how many Halo fans are out there in the community, but how do you feel about having no split screen in Halo 5? I see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. It's nice to have your buddies over and play a few campaign co-op and multiplayer games, crack open a few beers, and have some fun. But how often does this actually happen now-a-days? With technology allowing us to play with the same people full-screen from everyone's own home, it makes sense to add 60 FPS to keep up with the times, right? Or is that one of the things that's made Halo so great over the years is the ability to play the game with friends in person on one console? And, since we've been okay with the previous 30 FPS for so long, why make the switch? Do you think maybe the gaming industry is trying to capitalize off of selling more games and consoles?

There has been speculation that 2-player split screen will be available in some game modes, however, that information has changed over the months, so it seems we won't really know until the game is released next month. Maybe they'll surprise everyone with split screen to help redeem themselves from the Master Chief Collection release issues last year. Who knows... Personally, whatever ends up happening, it's not going to make me like or hate the game even more or less. But I can't speak for everyone and I know there are a lot of people upset over this decision.

What do you think about it all? 60 FPS over split screen gaming or play with your buds on the same console?

Daeoc   2y
Well I understand where people are coming from when they say they are upset that split screen isn't in the game, I haven't played split screen since PS2/the original Xbox so I take 60 FPS over it without a doubt.
what3vo   2y
Yeah, same. Like I said, I understand both sides of the argument, but it seems more feasible to keep up with the times at this point.
glimmer6   2y
I can't believe we're less than a month away from release already.....
what3vo   2y
Diddo. I can't wait!