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New HTML5 Player and Speed Enhancements

GamePlank   16d
The old Flash video player has been replaced with a new HTML5 player along with tons of speed enhancements throughout the site and Android app. We'll be releasing an update to the iOS app shortly. Happy streaming!

Chrome for Desktop Stream Playback Issues

GamePlank   6mo

Since our update to HTTPS-only site-wide, users have been experiencing an issue where live streams aren't showing any content and throwing an error. We're currently looking into the issue, but a temporary fix is provided using the following steps:

1) Go to chrome://plugins
2) Look for "Adobe Flash Player" in your list of plugins.
3) If you have Flash Player installed, check the "Always allowed to run" checkbox, then leave the page.

If you don't have Flash Player installed, you can download it at - Once installed, make sure to follow the steps above.


Introducing Discovery Notifications

GamePlank   1y
Discovery notifications allow you to receive email and mobile push notifications when anyone on GamePlank goes live! For more information, read our blog post at:

iOS Push Notifications Now Available!

GamePlank   1y
The latest iOS app version has been released in the App Store - read our blog post for more details and make sure to download the latest version of the app (v2.8.2) -

Stream Setup

what3vo   1y
Hey all! I put together a quick guide about stream setup going over streaming software you can use, settings, and a disclaimer about what to do if you experience lag on your stream. on over to the How to Stream page for more details at

New Leaderboard Badges and Prizes

GamePlank   1y
The Leaderboard now has new badges and prizes available! If you have any ideas for new badeges or prizes, let us know. Otherwise, you can view what's available at

Ideas and Suggestions

GamePlank   1y
Have any ideas or suggestions for GamePlank? Load them up on us! We want to add as many of your ideas and features as possible!

OBS / Windows 10 Error - Could not initialize DirectX 10 on Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500

what3vo   1y
Many of you probably aren't streaming off a laptop with Windows 10 but, if you are and you're getting a similar error, I found the fix was to update the 64-bit version of O to the latest version and restart your machine. I had been using the 32-bit version of O for a long time and hadn't run into this issue until the last Windows Update. I'm assuming they updated a driver that caused this to happen.

Anyway, this solution worked for me and the issue didn't occur on Windows 8.

Steam Summer Sale

GamePlank   1y
It starts tomorrow and goes on through July 4th! What games are you emptying your wallets for?

Luna The Shadow Dust demo this week

GamePlank   1y
Luna: The Shadow Dust is a point-and-click puzzle game for PC that we'll have a live demo of this Thursday, June 23rd at 9PM MST. Check out our blog post for more details:

Announcing the Achievements Leaderboard

GamePlank   1y
Yup! Just like gaming on your console, you can also unlock achievements streaming on GamePlank! Read more details at the blog post:

Doom Demo Tonight @ 8PM MST

what3vo   1y
Playing the Doom demo tonight at 8PM MST on Xbox One, going to talk about some happenings and new features on GamePlank as well as what's coming next. Don't miss it!

Automatic Twitter Notifications Are Now Available!

GamePlank   1y
Setup your account to notify all of your Twitter followers every time you go live! View this blog post for more details and setup:

Happy Birthday to me!

GamePlank   1y
Thank you all again for all your support over the past year with the site. I definitely couldn't have done it without you and, best of all, it's been a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing you all on stream!

Tired of being sick!

what3vo   1y
Hopefully all this crap passes soon. I'm sad I've been missing out on so much streaming and everyone else's streams

New Mission, Same Great Service

GamePlank   1y
We've made some updates to the site including a brand new mission statement and offerings to you as a community member. Check out our blog post at,-Same-Great-Service for more details!

Anyone else know if this is real?

what3vo   1y
If it is, I'll be super stoked!

Streaming Violations Reminder

GamePlank   2y
This is a reminder that the streaming of copyrighted materials including but not limited to music, movies, and TV shows will not be tolerated on GamePlank, regardless of the origination of such content or origination of the stream. If you have any questions, refer to GamePlank's Terms & Conditions at for more information.

any advice?

mulletburden   2y
I'm fairly new to the concept of streaming. I've done some on twitch, and found the barrier of entry a little steep. I'm glad I found this site and the community looks pretty awesome. I already have more followers in two streams then I did in a week on twitch. to get to the point, any tips on how to avoid a lot of dead air? I usually don't talk too much when I'm gaming unless I have a party chat going. any advice would help and be greatly appreciated, hope to get some good sessions going with you guys!


Archived Stream Videos

GamePlank   2y
In an effort to keep space free for new features and the latest content, we will be removing all archived videos that are two weeks old or older this Thursday, February 25th. This will be an on-going automated process going forward.

You have the option of downloading all of your videos at until then. After Thursday, you will still be able to download any archived videos you have available within the last two weeks.

Thanks and happy gaming!

Better internet get!

Charcoal   2y
Higher quality strims to be expected.

Happy New Year!

Charcoal   2y
Looking forward to an even better year on gameplank!

Final Fantasy IX on PC, Android, and iOS

what3vo   2y
Final Fantasy IX is coming to PC, Android, and iOS in 2016, according to an article by Operation Rainfall: The PC version will be available for purchase and download on Steam. You can watch the game trailer as well as the teaser trailer for the upcoming release on YouTube at

This is exciting! I did one playthrough of the game a while back and really loved it, would even call it one of my favorite Final Fantasy games of all time. One thing that I do hope for, in the PC version at least, is increased battle speed and summon animation times. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing it!

Capture card get!

Charcoal   2y
Got a capture card for Christmas so expect more console stuff in the future!

Beep Boop Bot from Steam Greenlight

what3vo   2y
Demo'd "Beep Boop Bot" by Psycho Robot Studios from Steam Greenlight last night. Even in the early stages of development, it's a pretty epic game. If you missed the stream, you can watch a preview of it from the archives or check out a full description of the game with videos and screenshots at - make sure to like on Steam and follow these guys on their social media channels.

Fun Fact

what3vo   2y
Atari debuts their first product, Pong, on this day in 1972!

The New Steam Controller

what3vo   2y
Thought this looked pretty snazzy. The new Steam controller packs controls from various devices like a trackball, mouse cursor, scroll wheel, analog stick, etc., so you can play pretty much any game with it, even if the game didn't originally have controller support. It retails for $49.99 on their website and at GameStop locations. More info at

Star Wars Battlefront is awesome!

what3vo   2y
This game just came out yesterday. Being a huge Star Wars fan, I had to get it. I haven't played the campaign yet, but the multiplayer games are incredible! It has a ton of fun game types and takes me back to the old Halo days and even as far back as Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. Pretty cool. Have you seen or played it yet? Thoughts?

First Annual Black Friday Block Party!

GamePlank   2y
Hey everyone! The first annual Black Friday Block Party is coming up. Sign up at the Block Party sign up form to enter your name into a raffle for some awesome prizes and get your stream noticed! Full details are on our blog at

Looking forward to seeing you all there, don't forget to sign up!

The iOS app is now available for download!

GamePlank   2y
You can now watch your favorite streamers on your iPhone or iPod Touch device! Download the app at - you must have iOS 9.0 or higher to be able to install and use. If you don't, upgrading to 9.0 is pretty easy. Go into your device settings, General, Software Updates and, if your device supports iOS 9, you'll be able to install immediately. Make sure you back up your device before you upgrade!

Reminder to all streamers

GamePlank   2y
Please do not stream any copyrighted music or other copyrighted materials, whether visible or heard in the background, as this is a strict violation of the Terms & Conditions and a violation of copyright laws. For more information, please review the following links:

Terms & Conditions:

Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

Thank you for your cooperation.

How do you feel about no split screen in Halo 5?

what3vo   2y
Don't know how many Halo fans are out there in the community, but how do you feel about having no split screen in Halo 5? I see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. It's nice to have your buddies over and play a few campaign co-op and multiplayer games, crack open a few beers, and have some fun. But how often does this actually happen now-a-days? With technology allowing us to play with the same people full-screen from everyone's own home, it makes sense to add 60 FPS to keep up with the times, right? Or is that one of the things that's made Halo so great over the years is the ability to play the game with friends in person on one console? And, since we've been okay with the previous 30 FPS for so long, why make the switch? Do you think maybe the gaming industry is trying to capitalize off of selling more games and consoles?

There has been speculation that 2-player split screen will be available in some game modes, however, that information has changed over the months, so it seems we won't really know until the game is released next month. Maybe they'll surprise everyone with split screen to help redeem themselves from the Master Chief Collection release issues last year. Who knows... Personally, whatever ends up happening, it's not going to make me like or hate the game even more or less. But I can't speak for everyone and I know there are a lot of people upset over this decision.

What do you think about it all? 60 FPS over split screen gaming or play with your buds on the same console?

GamePlank Android App now available!

GamePlank   2y
Hey everyone! The mobile app for Android has been released on Google Play at Download and install to watch your favorite streams from anywhere! The iOS app is near completion and coming soon, so stay tuned!

Want to participate in the BETA testing of our new mobile app?

GamePlank   2y
Send an email to and let us know what device(s) you want to test on. Please include the device type and version number of your OS. We will only be testing on Android and iOS devices at this time. Thanks and looking forward to start testing!

Introducing PirateBot - the new chat bot!

GamePlank   2y
Timed automatic chat notifications now available on GamePlank in five minute intervals. Let PirateBot post updates so you can stream! Available to setup under "My Account". Just enter a message and select how frequently you want your viewers to read it. Each message can be added or removed as needed.

Temporary strim hiatus

Charcoal   2y
Back isn't getting any better so I'll have to take some time off. Sorry guys.

Video of Isaac's Barber

Charcoal   2y
So this happened in case you missed it.

Shorter strims incoming

Charcoal   2y
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'll be doing shorter strims this coming week, physically wore myself out this last week and need to cut it back. Sorry for the cutback but I really need it, hope to be back to normal soon!

CPU issues fixed!

Charcoal   2y
This means I'll be able to cast at my normal bitrate/fps settings again! Look forward to casting more things now. ;D

Channel plans

Charcoal   2y
My current plans for my channel are to stream Binding of Isaac Rebirth as my main game, mostly doing streaks until the expansion comes out. At the same time I intend to take breaks from it every now and then to stream older games I enjoy, such as Earthbound which I'm currently doing on the side. The ideal schedule is six days a week for 2-4+ hours if possible, this may change with how I am feeling. Monday will be my off day. If you have any thoughts or ideas on what I can do to improve or to make the stream more enjoyable for you, please message me and let me know. I want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

You can post on the GamePlank Board too!

what3vo   2y
The Board isn't available just for GamePlank admins. You can post on the GamePlank Board, too! Just go to to view all the latest postings and create your own by clicking the "Create A Post" button. Think of it as an additional way to stay in touch with the community outside of stream.

Sub emotes now listed on channel

GamePlank   2y
You no longer have to remember every single sub emote you like to use. Now all emotes are available within a channel with a sub button. Click the gear icon in the chat panel to view all available emotes and click them to automatically insert into your chat message. If you have not subscribed to that user's channel, it will appear as plain text when you submit your message. To use their emotes, click the Subscribe button under the live video feed!

You can view the entire listing of site-wide available emotes at

Custom Posters now available!

GamePlank   2y
You can now upload a custom poster to your stream showing your viewers that you're offline. Just go to the "Stream" section under My Account.

Sub buttons and custom emotes are here!

GamePlank   2y
Proud to announce that sub buttons and custom emotes are here! If you've helped with BETA testing over the last few months, you've got a sub button as thank you for your continued support! Thank you all so much for believing in GamePlank. Let's get it to grow!

Chat Commands & Emotes

GamePlank   2y
Hey everyone! I put together a quick tutorial on the current chat commands and options. Feel free to take a look Hope this helps out with the commands and emotes!


GamePlank   2y
Have an emote you want to see in the chat? Post an idea or link to an image of something to work with. Let me know what name you want to use for the emote [no usernames, please. and no porn ] and we'll add it in!

Welcome to GamePlank

GamePlank   2y
Want to stream video games and make a little extra on the side? With GamePlank, you can! Sign up for an account, start streaming, and gain followers. Once you've reached 100 unique followers, you will start making money on ad revenue and subscribers to your channel. No subscriber applications, no approval process, and no waiting. Once you have reached 100 followers, you'll be automatically setup. The only catch is you have to retain at least 100 followers to keep your subscribe button. The sky's the limit! We hope you enjoy the site.

Welcome aboard the GamePlank!