This Week on GamePlank: Luna The Shadow Dust demo, Summer Solstice stream, and more!

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Luna: The Shadow Dust

Luna: The Shadow Dust is a point-and-click puzzle game for PC currently under development by Lantern Studio, receiving over 117% funding from their KickStarter campaign! What3vo will be showcasing a demo of the game this week to show off its impressive mechanics and artistry.

When: Thursday, June 23rd at 9PM MST
Developer info:

Summer Solstice Stream

Every six month, we go back in time to stream Solstice on the NES. That time is here again with the Summer Solstice, streaming tonight on what3vo's stream. Details below:

When: Monday, June 20th at 9PM MST

More GamePlank Features

If you haven't read already, GamePlank has released a number of updates including automatic Tweets when your stream goes live and the achievements Leaderboard which you can access from the GamePlank menu on the site. We'll discuss it more during the cast this Thursday, but check out our blog more details ahead of time!

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