Welcome to GamePlank! We'll be streaming live from Comic Con Saturday, August 27th and Sunday, August 28th! Make sure to come back and visit!

New HTML5 Player and Speed Enhancements

The old Flash video player has been replaced with a new HTML5 player along with tons of speed enhancements throughout the site and Android app. We'll be releasing an update to the iOS app shortly. Happy streaming!

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Chrome for Desktop Stream Playback Issues

Since our update to HTTPS-only site-wide, users have been experiencing an issue where live streams aren't showing any content and throwing an error. We're currently looking into the issue, but a temporary fix is provided using the following steps:

1) Go to chrome://plugins
2) Look for "Adobe Flash Player" in your list of plugins.
3) If you have Flash Player installed, check the "Always allowed to run" checkbox, then leave the page.

If you don't have Flash Player installed, you can download it at - Once installed, make sure to follow the steps above.


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Introducing Discovery Notifications

Discovery notifications allow you to receive email and mobile push notifications when anyone on GamePlank goes live! For more information, read our blog post at:

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iOS Push Notifications Now Available!

The latest iOS app version has been released in the App Store - read our blog post for more details and make sure to download the latest version of the app (v2.8.2) -

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New Leaderboard Badges and Prizes

The Leaderboard now has new badges and prizes available! If you have any ideas for new badeges or prizes, let us know. Otherwise, you can view what's available at

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Ideas and Suggestions

Have any ideas or suggestions for GamePlank? Load them up on us! We want to add as many of your ideas and features as possible!

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Steam Summer Sale

It starts tomorrow and goes on through July 4th! What games are you emptying your wallets for?

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Luna The Shadow Dust demo this week

Luna: The Shadow Dust is a point-and-click puzzle game for PC that we'll have a live demo of this Thursday, June 23rd at 9PM MST. Check out our blog post for more details:

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Announcing the Achievements Leaderboard

Yup! Just like gaming on your console, you can also unlock achievements streaming on GamePlank! Read more details at the blog post:


Automatic Twitter Notifications Are Now Available!

Setup your account to notify all of your Twitter followers every time you go live! View this blog post for more details and setup:

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Happy Birthday to me!

Thank you all again for all your support over the past year with the site. I definitely couldn't have done it without you and, best of all, it's been a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing you all on stream!

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New Mission, Same Great Service

We've made some updates to the site including a brand new mission statement and offerings to you as a community member. Check out our blog post at,-Same-Great-Service for more details!

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Streaming Violations Reminder

This is a reminder that the streaming of copyrighted materials including but not limited to music, movies, and TV shows will not be tolerated on GamePlank, regardless of the origination of such content or origination of the stream. If you have any questions, refer to GamePlank's Terms & Conditions at for more information.

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Archived Stream Videos

In an effort to keep space free for new features and the latest content, we will be removing all archived videos that are two weeks old or older this Thursday, February 25th. This will be an on-going automated process going forward.

You have the option of downloading all of your videos at until then. After Thursday, you will still be able to download any archived videos you have available within the last two weeks.

Thanks and happy gaming!


First Annual Black Friday Block Party!

Hey everyone! The first annual Black Friday Block Party is coming up. Sign up at the Block Party sign up form to enter your name into a raffle for some awesome prizes and get your stream noticed! Full details are on our blog at

Looking forward to seeing you all there, don't forget to sign up!

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The iOS app is now available for download!

You can now watch your favorite streamers on your iPhone or iPod Touch device! Download the app at - you must have iOS 9.0 or higher to be able to install and use. If you don't, upgrading to 9.0 is pretty easy. Go into your device settings, General, Software Updates and, if your device supports iOS 9, you'll be able to install immediately. Make sure you back up your device before you upgrade!

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Reminder to all streamers

Please do not stream any copyrighted music or other copyrighted materials, whether visible or heard in the background, as this is a strict violation of the Terms & Conditions and a violation of copyright laws. For more information, please review the following links:

Terms & Conditions:

Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

Thank you for your cooperation.

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GamePlank Android App now available!

Hey everyone! The mobile app for Android has been released on Google Play at Download and install to watch your favorite streams from anywhere! The iOS app is near completion and coming soon, so stay tuned!


Want to participate in the BETA testing of our new mobile app?

Send an email to and let us know what device(s) you want to test on. Please include the device type and version number of your OS. We will only be testing on Android and iOS devices at this time. Thanks and looking forward to start testing!

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Introducing PirateBot - the new chat bot!

Timed automatic chat notifications now available on GamePlank in five minute intervals. Let PirateBot post updates so you can stream! Available to setup under "My Account". Just enter a message and select how frequently you want your viewers to read it. Each message can be added or removed as needed.



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What is GamePlank?

GamePlank is live, casual game streaming for casual gamers. We're less about the numbers and corporate structure and more about the foundation that started it all: games, gamers, and community! We take great pride in providing the best playing and viewing experiences, giving our community members a chance to voice what they want to see as a feature and as a part of GamePlank.

Monetizing your stream is always an option by setting up a personal PayPal account. Doing so adds a support button to your channel and is easy to set up. The best part is GamePlank doesn't split earnings using a subscription model. Whatever you make on your channel, you keep 100% of it.

Enjoy an ad-free gaming experience like you've never seen before! Enjoy GamePlank ♥

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