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any advice?

I'm fairly new to the concept of streaming. I've done some on twitch, and found the barrier of entry a little steep. I'm glad I found this site and the community looks pretty awesome. I already have more followers in two streams then I did in a week on twitch. to get to the point, any tips on how to avoid a lot of dead air? I usually don't talk too much when I'm gaming unless I have a party chat going. any advice would help and be greatly appreciated, hope to get some good sessions going with you guys!




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Hi! I'm mullet, nice to meet you.

I am a dad, husband, nerd, and gamer. I enjoy playing FPS, RPG, platformers, damn near everything. i tend to get a little salty and smashy. consider this a warning, i will curse and yell (not too loud, cant wake the kids). i tend to stream on the weekends, after midnight (I work 3rd shift).

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