This Week on GamePlank: Particle Mace demo, GamePlank store, and more!

GamePlank   8mo

Particle Mace demo

what3vo will be playing through some (or all) of Particle Mace, a top-view shooter inspired by Geometry Wars, Robotron, Asteroids and many other classic games. To truly succeed in Particle Mace you must become a master of physics, thrust, and inertia.

When: Thursday, June 30th @ 9PM MST
Developer Info:

The GamePlank Store and more features!

The GamePlank store will be coming to life soon, so we'll be talking about product availability and how to get your hands on some cool stuff. Maybe even for free!

mulletburden   8mo
i would totally be down to rock some gameplank gear. i might have to get a webcam going if i do. also i dont mind whoring myself out for some promotion, i am a shameless whore. . . . i mean no, dammit.
GamePlank   8mo
Haha! Well, the plan is to at least get pinback buttons, t-shirts, and hoodies in the store first thing. Will keep you updated on the store progress!

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